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Meet The Artists

Alice MacDonald
Alice makes crocheted metal necklaces intertwined with colorful beads and stones and matching earrings. Her jewelry is delicate-looking but durable and stunning to wear. Alice also dyes beautiful silk scarves with intricate lace on the ends. 
Amy Ditto
Amy paints scenes from Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz with a quirky twist. Her art is printed on vibrant infused aluminum. Colorful and witty, one of her pieces is titled, "Nowhere To Go But Everywhere. To Heck with Kansas & The Emerald City." 
Andy Sewell
Hailing from Idaho, Andy is a watercolorist with a twist. From what one can see from his art, Andy loves to get outdoors and flyfish, all while holding a fondness for Volkswagens. A notable painting of his consists of a beautiful woman fishing the Methow River.
Ataraxia Designs
Ataraxia Designs makes creations out of clay that points at different parts of our daily lives, drives concepts that expand the mind, and sparks ideas that allow individuals to laugh, or to share, aspects of life that are not only helpful, but necessary. 
Barbara Mundell
Owner of Shadowfax Jewelry, Barbara lives and works on the South end of Whidbey Island. Intricate and beautiful, Barb's style is fabricated jewelry with natural themes. Vines and branches capture gems or pearls and hold them in pleasing original settings. Barb has been handcrafting jewelry for nearly 50 years.
Bart DeGraaf
Originally from Bend, Oregon, Bart has visited our area and completed a couple of locally inspired paintings. Bart's work is wildly colorful, varied, and fun, often making people laugh.
Claire Was Here
Claire creates art a la carte, featuring function and beauty in her kitchen towels, along with cards that always cause visitors to chuckle.
Crosby & Taylor
Husband and wife duo Deborah and Jim produce gorgeous tin measuring cups and spoons that last a lifetime. With Jim as a woodworker and Deborah's cooking and decorative arts background, the two have developed long lasting pewter creations for the past 35 years. 
Dan Ishler
Owner of Ishler Pottery and Oak Harbor, Washington resident, Dan Ishler, is a lifetime potter and bowler. Among his collection are coffee mugs with sturdy handles, each with a great place to put your thumb.
Debbie Dean
Newly moved to sunny Arizona, Debbie — owner of Debbie Dean Pottery — constructs creative mugs, spoon jars, and platters, each displaying hand drawn designs featuring horses, dogs in pickup trucks, donkeys, and more.
Eileen Sorg
Owner of Two Dog Studio, Eileen is an amazing creative artist. She shows off her intricate drawings through colored pencils. As one of our featured artists, we carry a body of her thought-provoking and fun work. Eileen hails from Poulsbo.
Erickson Wright
Sandra Erickson Wright lives in Georgia, painting pictures that are bound to make gallery visitors laugh. Her paintings portray cows, chickens, and other farm animals hanging about, complete with a funny quote.
Kathleen Jardin
Kathleen is the owner of Methow Reservations and Purple Sage Gallery, though she claimed the title of artist long before she built her businesses. Kathleen focuses on her interior design work while creating intricate enamel jewelry and elegant silk clothing for all to enjoy.
Kathryn Sherwood
Owner of Botanical Creations, the Poulsbo resident grows flowers and harvests the petals to create gorgeous earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that she seals in glass.
Laura Ruud
A local glass artist, Laura fashions beautiful mosaic creations that are reproduced on wall or window hangings, as well as seasonal (fall, spring, winter, and summer) cards. 
Laurel Hatch
Having an affection for farm animals and wildlife, Laurel’s paintings are animal-inspired and are often seen with glints of rainbows. Her goat and pig paintings often make customers laugh.
Laurie Fisher
Otherwise known as Luv On The Rocks, Laurie creates locally produced silver jewelry, consisting of varying shape, size, and colors.
Lisa Stover
As a glass blower, Lisa contrives unique and stunning drinking glasses. Lisa’s work features intense colors and textures, along with some crooked, clear glasses that would drive engineers crazy.
Marcia Muchnick
Known as Pilgrimage Pottery, Marcia hails from Langley, Washington, on beautiful Whidbey Island.  Marcia is a massage therapist as well as an amazing massager of clay. She makes functional artistic creations that are embedded with fantastic textures, colors, and designs.
Passiko True
A professional jeweler who inserts a unique twist to her work, the Indianola resident features a line of "wacky" earrings that are made from sterling silver and blown glass beads from the Pacific Northwest. Light in weight, Passiko's earrings are comfortable to wear all day. 
Rick Faist
20210924_114007 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Rick and Louann crafts kalimbas — a small, musical instrument — out of hard shell gourds the duo grow at their home in Southern Oregon. Enjoyed by everyone, the artists' kalimbas consist of two octaves made of tempered spring steel keys that can be tuned to major, minor, and pentatonic scales.
Robert Keene
Robert is a lifetime jeweler who lives just over the mountain in Burlington. The artist’s silver jewelry possesses a creative and fun charm.
Rob Schouten
Hailing from Langley on the South end of Whidbey Island, Rob is a Dutch painter who brings surreal and memorable images to life. The nature-centric artist creates paintings not easily forgotten. 
Sally Kuperberg
Sally is a local Winthrop artist and makes original paintings as well as prints. Well accomplished, the artist’s work is composed of stunning renditions of local scenes.
Sandy Tweed
The Port Townsend resident paints animal art that is both technical and beautiful. Sandy builds her own frames and wood blocks, combining painting and woodworking together.
Sarah Jo Lightner
The Executive Director of Methow Recycles, Sarah constructs one-of-a-kind local jewelry, like florals, butterflies, and birds.
Simona Dedek
Simona, otherwise known as the Petal Connection, fashions delicate butterfly-winged jewelry. The Kingston, Washington resident harvests butterfly wings once their 14 day lives are spent. Mother nature creates their stunning colors and patterns, which Simona then shapes into lightweight durable earrings and necklaces.
Scott Nelles
20210924_113810 (1).jpg
Scott molds bronze castings complete with aspects of this Earth and beyond; from aliens in a flying saucer, to a rocket ship bank and astronauts, and to animals such as horses and bears.
Sue Coccia
Sue produces coasters with animals on them; including horses, eagles, foxes, and other birds of prey. Multi-colored and vibrant, her coasters are bound to lighten up your living room coffee table. 
Tess McGuire
Tess makes felted, stylish, and colorful wool hats that not only keep you warm but also repel water.
Tom Forker
Tom is a nature and wildlife photographer who can often be found exploring his surroundings, which just so happen to be the North Cascade Mountain Range. The photographer captures nature in its most fleeting and finest moments. 
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